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Vata Vision / Got Chya

Got Chya


  • Size extra large
  • Light wash Levis denim jacket
  • Jacket interior is completely sherpa-lined providing extra warmth and comfort
  • Star detailing on the front pockets
  • Black and white design showing a UFO abducting an alien in space

This jacket has been sold, click here to have a custom jacket with this design made to order just for you! Price will vary depending on which denim base you choose.





  • This cute and playful design shows a UFO abducting an astronaut traveling outer space.
  • The minimalistic black and white design can be easily matched with any outfit and make it standout.


  • Each custom denim jacket is hand painted using high quality textile paint that is designed for fabric and will not come off the jacket.
  • We recommend spot cleaning when possible and hand washing the jacket.


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