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Vata Vision / Deathly Hollows

Deathly Hollows


  • Size large
  • Acid wash Levi’s denim jacket
  • Oversized fit
  • This design shows the Deathly Hollows symbol from Harry Potter with the word “Always” written underneath

This jacket has been sold, click here to have a custom jacket with this design made to order just for you! Price will vary depending on which denim base you choose.



  • The neon blue and pink design work with the acid was jacket to create a unique retro vibe.
  • This jacket was made for all the Harry Potter lovers out there. It displays the Deathly Hollows symbol with the word “always” written in cursive underneath.
  • The Deathly Hallows is composed of three symbols. The vertical line which represents the Elder Wand, the circle, which represents the Resurrection Stone and the equilateral triangle, which represents the Invisibility Cloak.


  • Each custom denim jacket is hand painted using high quality textile paint that is designed for fabric and will not come off the jacket.
  • We recommend spot cleaning when possible and hand washing the jacket.


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