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Mark & Redona


Our operations are currently run by a team of two, Mark and Redona. We found ourselves always looking for unique pieces while shopping, but in a world full of mass production it’s not that easy. So, we decided to solve the problem and create our own custom denim jackets. We started out by purchasing jackets we liked and painting them with interesting designs. This quickly drew the attention of those around us who started ordering our products and even putting in requests for custom denim jackets based off of their own ideas. We realized there was a strong desire for this type of product on the market so we decided to open it up to a larger audience.

Vata Visions mission is to stray away from generic clothing by working closely with customers to create wearable art that empowers them to express their true selves!

Wearable Art


We don’t want people to merely admire art from a distance. This form of expression and emotional power should be an integrated part of daily life. Our team strives to create wearable art that sets our customers apart from everyone around them

On this platform, you can order jackets we have already created, if those jackets sell out you can still get the designs “made to order”, or you can even create your own custom denim jacket that would involve working with our team to create a specialized design just for you.

Evil Eye Charm


Many civilizations across the world have believed in the myth of the evil eye, which stems from the conviction that someone who is achieving greatness may attract the envy of those around them. Their jealousy manifests itself into a curse that is transmitted through a malicious glare. According to the myth, this curse will bring misfortune to the recipient but can be repelled by an eye-shaped charm, such as the one that we carefully stitch onto every jacket. We craft each product with love and good intentions in hopes that it will bring good luck and protection into your life.